About Us


Founded by John Triplett and Clark Brunson, B&T's was formed by two conservative entrepreneurs to create a traditional grocery company with a modern-day approach.  B&T's takes pride in our unique distribution with a strong focus in fresh cut meat and quality produce.  While improvement is always needed, we strive for a 50% distribution in meat and produce-related sales.  We rely on those who have been there before us and those who have a vision for the future to help guide us through this ever-changing market.

A major consideration in our company is the memory of what it means to be a customer and an employee.  We always treat our employees like family and treat our community as we would like to be treated.  The work environment we aim to create is one that people want to be a part of and an atmosphere that constructs the desire to work together as a team.  We understand the world is full of diverse people with many different backgrounds and we believe people deserve to work in a place that provides security, fair treatment, purpose, and belonging.  This caring attitude can be seen by our customers and provides sustainability to our structure.

The Brunson Family

The owners of B&T's take pride in their approach to life and in business.  Both, having little to no personal debt, are delighted in their ability to live and raise their families within their means.  Giving to their church and community has been a cornerstone to this approach.  As a county commissioner, Triplett knows the importance of being a man of his word and an example to his community.  As owners of B&T's and other businesses, Brunson and Triplett have proven themselves as reliable business partners and morally sound operators.

The Triplett Family

Brunson and Triplett are also involved in every aspect of the grocery business; from GFIA lobbyists in Washington D.C. to mopping the floors, there is no task they are not capable of doing.  Both understand the value of being able to cut meat, work produce, order, stock, manage, and provide accurate accounting within the stores.  One unique, but important trait is their ability to work on their own refrigeration equipment.  This ability really provides a hedge of financial protection to an area that is normally out of a grocer's control.  Being able to properly maintain their stores and equipment themselves really shows the level of depth the owners have in the grocery business.


The goal of B&T's is sustainable growth while never bending character for gain.  Profit is definitely the end result of our hard work, but it is not the purpose.  We work hard because we have obligations to meet, families to provide for, churches to give to, a community to support, and because hard work has been intrinsically ingrained in us our entire lives.  As business owners, leaders, gives, and family men, we work diligently knowing there is a greater purpose within our lives.

John Triplett and Clark Brunson